The littlest things

The simplest things.
I’m just an animal looking for a home
Share the same place for a minute or two


The long hard road…

Don’t you go down today
Take me away
Off to a better place
You know, just where I’d like to go
Please get me there real soon 
I’ve important things that I must do…

Obsessive-compulsive Subtitling

The Simpsons – S23 E14
500th Episode
Original air date: Feb 19 2012
(Well, better late than never)
Bart: How are you doing Mr Assange?
That’s my personal information and you have no right to know about it.
Hey, but we’re neighbors, would you like to come over for a movie some time?
Marge: Is it an Iraqi journalist being murdered?
Don’t be ridiculous. It’s an Afghan wedding being bombed.
Homer: Well I’ve got a really big secret for you: I’m not wearing any underwear.
You know, you should really get out less.


Just before he died, the woman’s son, the man with one leg, just before he’d lost consciousness, he’d begged me to go into his old apartment. There was a closet full of sex toys. Magazines. Dildos. Leatherwear. It was nothing he wanted his mother to find, so I promised to throw it all out.
So I went there, to the little studio apartment, sealed and stale after months empty. Like a crypt, I’d say, but that’s not the right word. It sounds too dramatic. Like cheesy organ music. But in fact, just sad.
The sex toys and anal whatnots were just sadder. Orphaned. That’s not the right word either, but that’s the first word that comes to mind.

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