The long hard road…

Don’t you go down today
Take me away
Off to a better place
You know, just where I’d like to go
Please get me there real soon 
I’ve important things that I must do…

Don’t let anyone invade your little cubicle.

I expected a “sploosh” reaction.
Yet I’m left with quite the opposite.
Beyond that point…

you wanna get out of here? I can take you somewhere. 
What? Are you with someone?
Does he go down on you? I do, that’s what I like to do. I just like the way it feels.
I like the way it’s just me and it. I wanna taste you. I like to slip my tongue inside you… just as you come.
Want me to make you come? I can do that. Want me to do that?…

Insane. Desperate. And hot.