I grew a brain, a dick, and a heart.

So, Brad fucking Neely.
I fucking love the Professor Brothers.
China, Il. Episode 5.
Being a rebel without consequences is like being a skinny in a world without fatties. 
– Steve
People need to know Brad Neely.


Bret Easton Ellis

I apologize to you on their behalf for mistaking you for Chuck Palahniuk… this is blatant disrespect because you started a cult way earlier. Can’t decide who I like better yet… And so I declare this a Bret Easton Ellis summer.
Massive name-dropping, obsession with detail, random acts of evil, razor sharp sarcasm
give my brain orgasms…
American Psycho
Less Than Zero
Imperial Bedrooms

Obsessive-compulsive Subtitling

The Simpsons – S23 E14
500th Episode
Original air date: Feb 19 2012
(Well, better late than never)
Bart: How are you doing Mr Assange?
That’s my personal information and you have no right to know about it.
Hey, but we’re neighbors, would you like to come over for a movie some time?
Marge: Is it an Iraqi journalist being murdered?
Don’t be ridiculous. It’s an Afghan wedding being bombed.
Homer: Well I’ve got a really big secret for you: I’m not wearing any underwear.
You know, you should really get out less.