I grew a brain, a dick, and a heart.

So, Brad fucking Neely.
I fucking love the Professor Brothers.
China, Il. Episode 5.
Being a rebel without consequences is like being a skinny in a world without fatties. 
– Steve
People need to know Brad Neely.


36 Quai des Orfèvres

A dark, very dark movie.
Everyone is dead, everything is lost. 
The kind of movies that is so powerful it drags you down for a long time.

Shit, what don’t you have?

When we get to Rip’s apartment on Wilshire, he leads us into the bedroom. There’s a naked girl, really young and pretty, lying on the mattress. Her legs are spread and tied to the bedposts and her arms are tied above her head. Her cunt is all rashed and looks dry and I can see that it’s been shaved. She keeps moaning and murmuring words and moving her head from side to side, her eyes half-closed. Someone’s put a lot of makeup on her, clumsily, and she keeps licking her lips, her tongue drags slowly, repeatedly, across them. Spin kneels by the bed and picks up a syringe and whispers something into her ear. The girl doesn’t open her eyes. Spin digs the syringe into her arm. I just stare. Trent says “Wow.” Rip says something.
“She’s twelve.”
“And she is tight, man,” Spin laughs.
“Who is she?” I ask.
“Her name is Shandra and she goes to Corvalis” is all Rip says.
Ross is playing Centipede in the living room and the sound of the video game carries to where we’re standing. Spin puts a tape on and then takes off his shirt and then his jeans. He has a hardon and he pushes it at the girl’s lips and then looks over at us. “You can watch if you want.”
I leave the room.
Rip follows me.
“Why?” is all I ask Rip.
“Why, Rip?”
Rip looks confused. “Why that? You mean in there?”
I try to nod.
“Why not? What the hell?”
“Oh God, Rip, come on, she’s eleven.”
“Twelve,” Rip corrects.
“Yeah, twelve,” I say, thinking about it for a moment.
“Hey, don’t look at me like I’m some sort of scumbag or something. I’m not.”
“It’s …” my voice trails off.
“It’s what?” Rip wants to know.
“It’s … I don’t think it’s right.”
“What’s right? If you want something, you have the right to take it. If you want to do something, you have the right to do it.”
I lean up against the wall. I can hear Spin moaning in the bedroom and then the sound of a hand slapping maybe a face.
“But you don’t need anything. You have everything,” I tell him.
Rip looks at me. “No. I don’t.”
“No, I don’t.”
There’s a pause and then I ask, “Oh, shit, Rip, what don’t you have?”
“I don’t have anything to lose.”
– Less than zero, Bret Easton Ellis

Bret Easton Ellis

I apologize to you on their behalf for mistaking you for Chuck Palahniuk… this is blatant disrespect because you started a cult way earlier. Can’t decide who I like better yet… And so I declare this a Bret Easton Ellis summer.
Massive name-dropping, obsession with detail, random acts of evil, razor sharp sarcasm
give my brain orgasms…
American Psycho
Less Than Zero
Imperial Bedrooms

Real Life Superhero

I don’t get why people make fun of him.
If anything happens, he is the one to survive.
Not you puny beings.
Obligatory: how many bears would Bear Grylls grill if Bear Grylls could grill bears